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The natural & holistic way back to a healthy, energetic and lean you.

Take back your Health

Taking the guesswork out of the underlying root cause of your chronic health condition with comprehensive testing, including for genetic pre- disposition, hormonal, inflammatory, neurodegenerative and auto-immune factors. I will then guide you through simple steps to take back your health through diet, natural medicine and lifestyle changes, allowing your body to heal itself.


Get to the root cause of your health condition


Testing for genetic pre-dispositions, hormonal balance, inflammatory, neurodegenerative conditions, gut & brain health


Improve heart health, blood pressure, digestion & hormonal balance


Get rid of excess weight without dieting and deprivation


Look & feel younger, healthier & slimmer


Increase mental focus, energy and memory


Prevent & rehabilitate injuries


Learn to love yourself & life again

Heal your body

…and reach your ideal weight while enjoying a delicious diet of antioxidant-rich superfoods that promote healthy gut bacteria, decrease inflammation and cravings.

I want to get rid of my pounds without feeling restricted

Q. Why do I have such bad PMS and what can I do about it?

Q. How can I help my hormonal imbalance other than replacement therapy?

I want to get rid of acne without using those harsh chemicals and antibiotics.

Q. How can I fuel my body so it can fight off cancer?

Q. How can I heal my gut from chronic digestive issues?

Q. What exercises can I do to look and feel great but I don’t have much time?

Q. I can’t seem to be able to get pregnant, what can I eat and do to put my body into a more receptive state?

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